Carlyn Square's refuse is normally collected on Wednesday mornings, except on Thursdays after holidays. It may not be placed outside earlier than 6 p.m. the day before pickup. Use either the Fairfax County gray rolling trash bins or blue recycling carts, depending on which is appropriate. The carts may not weigh more than 100 pounds loaded.

For full details on what is acceptable trash, what is recyclable, and what requires special handling, visit the Fairfax County Recycling & Trash website. Here's a summary:


Fairfax Country encourages recycling of certain types of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal. Place them in the blue rolling carts.

  • Mixed Paper & Cardboard:   Recycle any clean paper that tears. Cardboard should be no larger than 3x4 feet. Do not include cardboard with food residue or wax-coated paper. Milk and juice cartons are now acceptable as are styrofoam food "clamshells."
  • Glass, Plastic, Cans, & Foil:   After rinsing, include glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles, milk jugs, pails, buckets, tubs, lids, and caps; metal food and beverage cans; foil baking trays and wrap; and empty aerosol cans. Do not include drinking glasses, dishes, pottery, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, pots and pans, or scrap metal.

Unacceptable trash

The weekly collection will not take car batteries, commercial waste, cans with paint, construction debris, large amounts of animal waste, dead animals, explosives, live ammunition, weapons, hazardous household waste, gas powered lawn equipment with fuel in it, propane-oxygen-helium tanks, or tires on rims. Fairfax County's recycling website explains how to dispose of these.

Yard Debris

Fairfax County collects grass clippings, leaves, plants, weeds, mulch, bark, straw, and similar material less than 6 feet long and under 6 feet in diameter weekly between April 1st and December 24th. They must be set out in transparent plastic bags, brown paper yard debris bags, or reusable plastic containers with lids removed. Bags and containers may not weigh more than 50 pounds each. Do not include poison ivy, dirt, rocks, sand, concrete, brick, asphalt, or insect nests.

Oversized Brush & Bulk Trash

Fairfax County offers special collections for large brush (tree branches, logs, etc.) and bulky oversized material such as furniture, appliances, fencing, and metal. Call (703) 802-3322 for special pickup.