See Architectural Control page.

Front Yards

Our front yards are important to the beauty of Carlyn Square. Keeping a tidy appearance gives others a good impression of our neighborhood, encourages new residents, and discourages crime. Please do your part by keeping your yard maintained and clear of visual obstructions such as trash containers, junk, uncoiled hoses, and toys.


Clotheslines or any hanging devices, except umbrellas, should not be taller than your privacy fence or over eight (8) feet in diameter.

Common Areas & Trees

Help Carlyn Square look beautiful all year. Water the common areas and trees near your residence during the warm weather.

Sidewalk & Gutter Snow Removal

Please shovel the sidewalk in front of your townhouse within 24 hours of a snowfall. Otherwise, walking becomes dangerous.

While shoveling your sidewalk, also clear snow and accumulated leaves from your parking space curb gutter. This clears a path for the water to drain into the sewers so it doesn't back up and refreeze, making footing between cars perilous.