Dues & Finance

Carlyn Square Board of Directors assesses each homeowner quarterly dues for maintenance of the common areas and other expenses, including electricity for parking lot and sidewalk lights, liability insurance, bonding for Board members, state incorporation fees, and social activities.

Dues are $280 per quarter, due on the first of January, April, July, and October. You may pay them by either of these two methods:

  • Check payable to Carlyn Square Association and delivered to the Treasurer.
  • Venmo electronic transfer addressed to @CarlynSquare-Treas. There is no transfer fee.

The Board may impose a 10% penalty if assessments are not paid by the end of the months they are due. The Association is permitted to attach a lien to a property where dues are delinquent. (See Bylaws, Article IX)

Only the Board may authorize Association expenditures.

The treasurer issues a financial statement monthly at the Board of Directors meeting. This statement is distributed to homeowners and residents and may be read here.