Voting deadline: April 13th
Neighborhood voting began Monday, March 16 on a proposal to install speed humps like that shown in the photo along Spring and Robinwood Lanes to slow traffic and, it is hoped, reduce the number of vehicles. Representatives from homeowners groups on both streets and the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) have agreed to one speed hump on Robinwood Lane and one on Spring Lane. (See map below). Several Spring Lane and other area residents gave their initial approval at a community meeting with FCDOT at the Glen Forest Elementary School in early February. However, FCDOT regulations require a formal ballot.

Resident property owners in Carlyn Square, The Regency Condos, Spring Lane Townhouses, on Robinwood Lane, apartment complexes on Spring Lane, and businesses adjacent to Spring Lane received a printed ballot asking them to vote on the speed hump proposal. Absentee homeowners received them by mail. The ballots are to be returned in the accompanying pre-addressed stamped folding mailer and received by Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross' office no later than 5 p.m., April 13. Completing the ballot and sending it in is very important because the agency will install the humps only if a majority of all affected property owners accept it, not merely a majority of those who return ballots. The Carlyn Square Association Board of Directors supports the plan.

It is the result of a traffic study requested by representatives from homeowners groups on the affected streets, including Carlyn Square Association secretary David McAlary. The study, conducted on May 22, 2019, shows that the two streets are eligible for traffic calming measures because of high vehicle volume and excessive driving speeds.

Spring and Robinwood Lanes  Speed Hump Map

Welcome to Our Neighborhood!
Spring Lane street signs

arlyn Square is a bucolic oasis in the heart of bustling, historic Bailey's Crossroads in Fairfax County, Virginia — just minutes from the cultural diversity of Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and Washington, DC.
Built in 1971, our 37 townhouses are tucked away on a cul-de-sac at the end of Spring Lane off Columbia Pike. We're just inside Fairfax County's border with Arlington, between Leesburg Pike and Carlin Springs Road. (Map)
We have an active, engaged community association with an elected Board of Directors and appointed subcommittees. Our square is a mix of new and long-time residents. Some are original owners while others have lived here for two or three decades, which speaks to the great quality of life in our friendly neighborhood


Boundary Adjustment Review
for Glen Forest Elementary

Glen Forest Elementary School
Glen Forest Elementary School parents and community members pitched their ideas about reducing the number of students at Glen Forest Elementary School at a June 10 meeting with officials of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

The officials called the confab to discuss a boundary adjustment that could possibly move some students to Bailey’s Primary, Bailey’s Upper, and Parklawn elementary schools to relieve overcrowding at Glen Forest.

The school is at full capacity with more than 1,100 students, the largest elementary school population in Fairfax County. That has led to bus and car gridlock on Glen Forest Drive, a lunch schedule with the first of three shifts starting at 10:30 a.m., and safety concerns.

At the meeting, parents, guardians, students, staff, and nearby residents learned about the FCPS boundary adjustment process and gathered in small groups to provide feedback about the scope of the adjustment for Glen Forest. The community meeting was the first step in that process under FCPS regulations.

All but one group agreed that elementary schools beyond Bailey's Upper and Lower and Parklawn should be included in the boundary adjustment. The Carlyn Square group recommended that some Parklawn students who live within the Annandale High School pyramid be shifted to schools in that district to make room for some Glen Forest children. However, students moved from Glen Forest Elementary would remain in the Justice High School Pyramid, 
according to a recent memo from Fabio Zuluaga, the Region 2 Assistant Superintendent who chaired the meeting.

The next step in the boundary adjustment process will be a boundary study by FCPS staff. During the study, possible options will be presented for the community to consider, based on input from the June 10 meeting. Another community meeting will be held in the fall.

The school board will then schedule a public hearing and subsequently make a final decision on a boundary adjustment.

Superintent Zuluaga told some Carlyn Square residents after the meeting that the proposal to route departing school bus traffic down Spring Lane as another measure to relieve Glen Forest Drive congestion has not been ruled out, but would be considered only after it is seen how a boundary adjustment works. Our Association opposes the idea of bus rerouting. A decision on this would be discussed in a public forum and not sprung secretly on the neighborhood, he said.